Devipattinam Temple

Devipattinam temple is one of the famous temples located in Rameshwaram in India. It is a great tourist spot and an enchanting place and is a must-visit if you are traveling through South India. It is specifically located in the state of Tamil Nadu in Rameshwaram. In this article we have listed out brief information about this Temple. Keep on reading the article to know more about it.

The Devipattinam temple is also known as Navabashanam temple or the Navagraha Temple. It is known as Navabhashanam as it is located in a coastal village that is nearly 70 km away from rameshwaram. There are a lot of the stories that revolve around the temple, the one being that lord Ram installed 9 stones from sea to the coast at this place. These 9 stones represent Navagraha and that’s why the temple is also known as Navagraha Temple. If you visit the temple then you can still see these stones which are submerged partially in the water near the beach. The temple is dedicated to the brave goddess who is said to have killed the demon Mahishasura at this specific place. The Navagraha Temple at Devipattinam is also known as Thilkeshwar Temple. People from all over India visit this temple to perform the religious rites for their fathers and forefathers. Also, numerous devotees visit each year for the popular festivals that is held in the temple. Talking more about the Thilkeshwar temple, it is dedicated to Devi Parvati and Lord Shiva. The tilkeshwar temple is dedicated to lord Shiva who is known as Tilkeshwar here and goddess Parvati is known as Soundaryanayaki.

Once you visit the temple you will be amazed by the beautiful image of goddess Soundaryanayaki who is in the form of Durga with eight armed weapons. The devotees here dedicate nine different varieties of grain such as paddy, wheat, pulses, etc to fulfill their prayers.
People from all over the country visit this place to get themselves rid of the sins they have committed in this life and from the past life and offer prayers for their fathers and forefathers. The temple is also famous for fulfilling the prayers of the children related to marriage, education, prosperity, children, etc.

The beautiful temple of Devi pattanam is located near the Southern tip of India better known as Rameshwaram. Rameshwaram is also famous for many other temples which are as ancient and historical as this temple. The most famous thing about this temple is that Lord Ram installed the Navagrahas or the nine planets at this place and worshiped them. The Temple is said to remove all the ill effects of planets from the life of a person and hence provide stability, prosperity and peace to the devotees.

Talking more about the story of Shri Ram and temple, the ancient scriptures signifies the importance of worshiping Lord Vinayak and the navagrahas. Following the same rule when Shri Ram visited the devipattinam temple he completed the Vinayaka Pooja in the upper and then performed the Navagraha Pooja in the Devipattinam temple. For his worship, he took a handful of the sand from the sea and then personified them as a planet. High tides rose up and down as he lifted his hands to calm down the sea. He then installed the Navagraha there. The place is better known as Navabhashanam spot where the ‘Navbhashanam’ means ‘nine stones’ which represents the nine planets. The special thing about the Navbhashanam Navgraha is that here Lord Rama calmed the sea and hence this place blesses our lives with divinity and blessing. The temple has added blessings from Shri Ram and made the place holy for the devotees to come and perform the tarpan of their fathers and forefathers.

More About the Temple

One of the most special things about this temple is that it is one of the few temples which is specifically dedicated to Navagraha. The 9 stones of the Navagraha are installed in the sea to the shore in the village. It is believed that when lord Rama went to Lanka for the war against the demon King Ravana in order to rescue his wife Sita he installed the Graha Devathas by fixing these nine stones a few metre into the sea seawater to the shore before going there. After installing them he prayed and worshiped the Navagrahas in order to remove all the troubles from his life.The Navagraha temple is also known as Navapashanam Temple which is situated in Devipatnam village near rameshwaram in Ramanathapuram in Ramnad district of Tamilnadu. Earlier the place was not as famous as it is today which is due to the deficiency of infrastructural facilities as well as transportation. But today you can reach out to this place via a lot of transport means. It is not just a divine place but also a great tourist spot if you want to explore the natural environment.

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