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Digital India Yojana is an umbrella campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Under this, the basic objective of the government is to start many campaigns. Digital India was launched on 2 July 2015 by the present Government of India, Modi Government. So Here we will Explain about Digital India Essay.

Many big businessmen and other well-known personalities of the country were also present in this campaign. And on this occasion, Modi ji had also explained in detail about the benefits of making the country digital. And under this scheme government facilities will be extended to each village by connecting high speed internet in each village.

Digital India Essay under 100 Words

Digital India is a golden initiative undertaken by the Government of India. Under this, rural areas of India will be connected with broadband and internet and basic government services will be made available online. Because more than half of our country’s population lives in the village. And the internet was not reaching the people there, Therefore, under this scheme, 2.5 lakh rural areas will be provided with high speed internet. And all the basic government facilities like digital locker, pension, e-education, e-friend, ration, scholarship, PAN card, e-signature, voter ID etc. have now been made online under this scheme.

Digital India Essay

Digital India Essay under 200 Words

Under Digital India, all ministries will be linked together and all departments will reach their basic facilities to the general public, such as – Education pensions, scholarships, banking services, health services, gas cylinders, water and electricity bills, judicial services like Facilities will be made available to the general public digitally.

And to make this plan successful, these big companies in the country have spent a lot. So far the figure of 4.5 lakh crores has been touched in this scheme. According to the government, about 1800,000 people will get new jobs from this scheme. And this will reduce the problem of unemployment in the country to some extent. And after this scheme is fully implemented, all people will get the facility of high speed internet and new employment opportunities will also be created in IT sector.

E-Kranti will come, everyone will get the facility of a phone, all information will be available on time, and facilities like digital locker, my government, website, scholarship, pension, ration card, PAN card, Aadhaar card, so far under this scheme Has been made available and the plan is targeted to be fully implemented by 2019.

Digital India Essay under 500 Words

Digital India is a program that can transform the country into a digital empowerment society and give India a new look. With the Digital India program, every information and record of the country is being kept in a hygienically electronic mode, which will speed up the work as well as speed.

Launch of Digital India: –

The Digital India Project was launched on 1 July 2015 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This campaign has been planned by the government to provide digital facilities across India by 2019 and under this scheme rural locations will be provided with faster internet facilities.

Digital India will also save time for accounting in papers and long queues of people in offices will also be reduced. The main role in this project is from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, who were working behind it. Digital India Gati was launched by the PM on Wednesday in the presence of senior ministries who are associates and CEOs of major companies.

The main objectives of the digital system: –

With this plan, India will achieve complete success, and it will make a huge contribution to the development of the country, such as-

1) To directly take benefits of all future government schemes directly to the citizens.

2) To ensure information and benefits of government schemes to all.

3) To provide high-speed broadband to 2.5 block gram panchayats.

4) Bringing an e-revolution so that all work is done in an accessible manner.

5) Connecting every Indian citizen to the Internet.

6) Generating IT employment opportunities.

7) E-Governance.

8) Make phone facilities available to all.

9) To promote electronic manufacturing.

Main Services of Digital System: –

To make this scheme a success, the government first took biometric data of people with the help of Aadhaar so that their unique identity can be found. After getting the unique identity of all Indian people, all the services of Indian citizens like mobile number, PAN, bank account, life insurance, ration card, driving license, are being linked to Aadhaar card. And with the help of Aadhaar, all facilities are also being provided to the people.

With this, the identity of the people is being found correctly, and along with this, the corrupters are also reduced, and with the help of Aadhaar you can buy a mobile SIM from home, apply for your PAN card, and There are many services that you can complete in just minutes with the help of online KYC and OTP. And in today’s era, online banking and ATM facility is also being taken up in almost all Indian banks. With the help of which people can transact all the money right from home and buy goods sitting at home on the online shopping website, and can save their time and money! There is no risk of losing your documents.

Benefits of Digital India

Many benefits and qualities can be derived from the Digital India program. And this has brought a change in every person’s life, the benefits of Digital India are many like-

1) Digital India program is creating a clean and healthy India.

2) All the people are getting its rightful benefit from Digital India program.

3) True information of everything is reaching people through Digital India program.

4) It is easy to get information about various campaigns taking place in the country through Digital India program.

5) Digital India program is also helping to eradicate the bribe habit.

Cons of Digital India

Just as Digital India campaign has its benefits, so too Digital India has its disadvantages. For example, most of the poor and low lying people will be with Digital India Mission, because they will take some time to understand this technology and get accustomed to it.

Moreover, how can those poor people who do not have Android mobiles take advantage of BHIM APP. And when a big change happens, it cannot be done immediately, it requires time and practice. The power problem is impossible to run the Internet without a major disruption because electricity digital India, is the need to have them available power in government village of the country as soon as possible.

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For our country India, the need for schemes like Digital India is very much, because if the previous field is to be filled, then it is very important to reach education and the internet. Only then can the people of India mean that the people of India can become partners in the development of India.

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