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Water is a very precious wealth in the world. We all use water in our daily life and without water, we can not live our life. 60% of our human body made of water that’s why a human can survive without around 30 days but without water, the human can’t survive more than 3 to 4 days. (Best Essay of Save Water Save Life 2020)

Now you can guess how much precious water for humans. I would also like to highlight that around 71% of the earth is surface by water but thee are only around 2 % water drinking worth. Water is a gift not only for humans but also for animals.

Water is a Precious Wealth:

Guys, in today’s world the drinking water is getting less day by day. But if the human being doesn’t alert about the water shortage then one day every human will regret.¬† There are so many peoples who even don’t know that one day we will face the problem of water shortage.

There are so many peoples waste water like people leave the water tap running while they do brush, they also leave the running while they do shave, same happens while washing clothes, washing dishes, and many more.

I want to give you a simple example if you are wasting 3 liters of water a day then in a week you are wasting 21 liters of water and in one month you are wasting 90 liters of water. There are around 760 crores of peoples in the world. Now you should think that if 760 crore peoples save 90 liters water per person then how much water can be saved.

So if you were wasting water knowingly or unknowingly then you should stop wasting water from today. Don’t think that if I only stop wasting water then what will be changed because you should keep it in your mind that if you can change yourself then you can change the world. First, you have to change yourself and then you can blame others for the wasting of water.

How much water is precious for us we can see everywhere because the government giving alert of water shortage through television, mobile, newspaper, and many ways. Even in our study, we have learned about the percentage of water and how much we can drink. We have learned that we should not use water more than need. e should not mess with nature because if nature mess with us then without regret we can’t do anything.

How to Save Water?

So above we have discussed how much water is precious for us? How we are wasting water? And what can be the result of wasting water? Now also should talk about how we can save water? We should know the perfect ways to save water then we could use those ways to save water.

That’s why I want to share with you some tips if you want to save water then you can apply those tips in your life. So now I am going to share with you some tips below.

Tips to Save Water:

1. Check Out the Leakage of Your Home

To save water at first you should check out the leakage of your house. Because if there is any leak in pipes, toilets, water tanks, tap then you should fix this problem at first because it can waste so many liters waters daily.

2. Save Rain  Water to Use in Your Daily Life

Saving rainwater can be one of the best ways to save water. Because when it rains thousands of liters water wastes always so if we can save the water then you this water our daily life. So from now, you should start saving rainwater to save water for our future.

3. Don’t Take Long Shower

There are so many who would like to take a long shower but you should know that taking a long shower can waste many liters water. So you should not waste so much water in your bath if you have the habit to take a long shower then have to change the habit to save water.

4. Don’t Keep the Water Running While Brushing

Keep the water turns on while brushing is one of the bad habits which is so many peoples do. If you also have that habit then stop it from today. Because it can also waste many gallons of water.

5. Don’t Keep the Water Running While Shaving

Keep the water running while shaving is a way to waste so many gallons of water. There are so many peoples who have this bad habit. if you or anyone have this habit you know that tell them to stop this. Because changing these habits of our lifestyle can save water.

6. Use Disposable Dishes in Functions

Guys, if you use disposable dishes in your any functions then you should not need to wash those dishes and that can be also a way to save water. So you have any function in your home then forget to use disposable dishes.

7. Dry Clean Your Clothes

In the dry clean you don’t need to waste water so this can be the best way to save water. So start doing dry clean your clothes from today. If you don’t like dry then stop washing your clothes frequently.

8. Don’t Let Your Children to Play with Water

The children like to play with water on hot days, so if you have children in your home then don’t let them play with water. Because if they play with water then you can not the water in your work and the water will be wasted.

So these are some tips to save water, and here I would like to say that these small tips together can save so much water. So don’t forget these tips to follow in your daily life. Now that is over for today thank you very much guys visiting our website.

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