Essay On Child Labour For Students And Teachers In Very Simple Words

Child labour is the activity of engaging children below 15 years of age to work.  It is simply a crime rising day by day. This may be due to the lack of proper resources in a child’s home. The children are forced to work full time with low wages. So today in the article we will discuss an essay on child labour.

Essay On Child Labour

Child labour is a serious crime which needs to be stopped to ensure a bright future of the country. In the world of Globalisation Each child all over the world, especially the girls should get a proper education. Where their Health is taken care of.

Essay On Child Labour in 150 Words

Child labour is a type of crime in which children are forced to work at a very early age and perform the responsibility and work is like adults.  They are made to work in small industries, factories,  shops, houses, etc. Due to the lack of proper education and resources in the family, the children start working.

Children are forced to work for more time while their wages are less. They are also not provided with a proper environment to work. According to the International labour organisation, there is an age limit that children up to 15 years of age will not involve in any type of work forcefully.

Child labour is rising day by day and the main reason are poverty, illiteracy, improper education,  etc. We must take responsibility and take action towards people who emotional small children in their work. We must talk to their parents also to make them understand the value of childhood and proper education, health, etc.

Children should get a chance to develop and grow within a happy environment of family. Their talent and freedom should not be caged by anyone in the form of child labour.

Child Labour Essay in 150 Words

Child labour is a rising crime which forces small children to do paid work in a small industry, factories, illegal business, households, etc. Child labour affects the growth and development of children in every aspect that is physically, socially, mentally.

Child labour is a national issue which is growing rapidly in underdeveloped and developing countries. Child labour takes away the basic right to education, health, independence of children, etc. According to research and surveys, around 152 million children worldwide are victims of child labour; 88 million are boys and 64 million are girls.

Children are the future of our nation. Hence their childhood needs to be bright. They should be provided proper education,  health facilities, positive environment, love,  care and support of family.  Mostly children of age 5-14 are found to be involved in child labour.

The main reason behind child labour is poverty, lack of education and facilities, family problems,  violating laws of child labour, improper social rules,  insufficient laws of government,  etc.

In order to eliminate child labour, we need to raise our voice against injustice. Any person who employs a child should be severely punished. There should be programs and volunteering for adults and children to know about child labour and its harmful effects.

Proper education is required about the importance of childhood, education and health. Poverty needs to be eliminated to decrease pressure on small children to earn money. Child labour needs to be abolished to save our country and to develop our society. As rightly said that ‘Children should have a pen in their hands and not tools’.

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Essay On Child Labour in 500 Words

children are the assets for the country.  They are the one whom we spent for a bright future.  They are the makers of our country who needs to be taken care the most. But today, when we roam around over locality, we can find many children from age 8-12 year old who are indulged in doing paid work like washing car, doing household work, babysitting,  catering services, etc. This activity was children are employed to work is called Child labour. Child labour is a severe crime which is rising in underdeveloped and developing countries.

Childhood is the best phase of someone’s life. Every one of us at some moment of time remembers our childhood and it’s sweet memories. But the children who work are exploiting their budding time doing work. It is the time when they should be provided proper education, health facilities and positive environment that can nurture the personality and talent in them. Childhood is the only time when the child starts preparing for his/her bright future.

​Poverty is the main reason for child labour. Lack of money forces the child to work in severe conditions. Children are paid low wages then adult, not unionised and don’t demand workers right.

​Parents are very irresponsible and force their child to work in order to run their family. Parents should provide educational, care and love.

Literacy and improper education among people is another reason for child labour.  The parents as well the people who employ children must understand the value of childhood and the rights of children.

The Culture values of many societies encourage children to work for developing skills. They are considered as assets to generate income.
​Education problems, distance from school, overcrowding, poor quality educational, various conflicts,  drought and resettlement, etc.

​Everyone should be educated of the provisions laid down in our constitution for the protection of children as well as the laws that stop their exploitation.
​Being aware of any form of Child Abuse or exploitation happening around. We must report it to police, NGO, etc

Talking to the parents and making them understand the value of childhood, education,  proper health of a child is very important.
​Volunteering and organising groups to help people aware of child labour.
​Child labour should be replaced by adult workers everywhere.

Children are the assets of the nation. There is the one whom we depend for the future. Hence we need to understand their value and importance. They should be nurtured with love and care.

Proper education and health are very essential too. Don’t force children to work due to financial problems. It’s a parent’s responsibility to be able to earn man in my mom money for survival, providing proper education and environment to the children.

Child labour is a very big problem today in our society which needs to be abolished for a bright future. We need to abolish child labour because child labour means poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, population growth, and other social problems.

Child Labour Essay under 400 Words

Child labour is the work done by children basically under the age of 14 year which is done by their owners in any area. It is a crime in India yet many people still doing this and nobody is even complaining about them. It is because their own parents force them to do so, they have sent their children to work just to earn extra money for their living.

In India child labour is in prevalence because of poverty. Its poverty rate at the time of British departure was at 70 percent which is now at 21.1 percent. This much people are living under poverty and not able to complete their daily requirement, that’s why the whole family works to earn their livelihood. In spite of this many people are forcefully collecting children to work for them as they can pay less to them.

Child labour is stopping the children from getting education which is very important for each and every child. To develop a country education is basic requirement and these children are the future of that particular country. But as they are not going school and not getting education they are declining their mental growth and as the environment of the work place is also not suitable for children.

Along with lack of education they are under danger too, because of hazardous radiations, dangerous places, very high building area work etc. Childhood is the birthright of all children, which should be given to each and every child in the love and care of parents, this illegal act forces children to live like elders. Due to which, many important things are lacking in the life of children like; good physical ability and development, improper development of mind, socially, intellectually unhealthy, bad languages etc.

Child labour is a punishable crime by “Child Labour Act, 1986, that is any person below the age of 14, and the CLPR (Child Labour Prohibited and Regulation) act prohibit employment of a child in any employment including as a domestic help. According to the act, the penalty for child labour will now be imprisonment between six months and two years or a fine of Rupees 20,000 to 50,000 or both.

This child labour is a hindrance in the development of our country this should be strictly stopped. To stop this crime we should all unite and aware about this and we should inform to police if we see any child labour in our area, as a responsible citizen we should remember our duty towards our country.


We must focus on the skill development of the children rather than making them work for pieces of bread. In this article we have discussed about article on child labour,  Short essay on child labour and much more.

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