Essay on Global Warming in Easy and Catchy words

Global warming means a continuous rise in global temperature. Global warming has become a serious problem in the world. And according to scientists, in the coming days, its will increase its intensity, such as – Dryness will increase, the incidence of times will also increase, and the weather will also change completely. Here we have discussed Essay on Global Warming.

So to save the future ahead, we need to be cautious from now on, and we also need to know what global warming is. So we are going to tell you about global warming in this article, which is very important for us to know, so let’s now know about global warming.

Essay on Global Warming in 100 Words

Global warming is the slowly increasing temperature in the environment. The heat of the sun is constantly warming the earth, and the main reason for this is the increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. This is the main reason for increasing levels of carbon dioxide, the number of fallen trees on the earth which purify the air.

Due to this rising temperature, the weather is constantly changing in the earth, such as storms in large quantities, increase in floods, loss of food due to loss of crops and many types of diseases are also increasing and To avoid all this, we need to keep our environment clean.

Essay on Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming 250 Words

Global warming remains the main problem of the whole world. Because of this, the amount of temperature on our earth is constantly increasing, due to which the possibility of life on earth is expected to decrease in the future. For this reason, steps will have to be taken soon to solve it, and if not taken, life on earth will remain a fantasy.

Due to the rising temperature of the earth, the water level in the sea is gradually increasing, many years are also abundant, and in many places there is a drought in the country due to lack of rain. Which has a direct impact on the crops as well as food shortages. Different types of new diseases are also being generated due to dissolving harmful gas in the environment. And all of this will also have an impact on the direct future, which will also increase the risk of destruction of the biosphere! If seen, its effect is already visible.

And no country or a single class is solely responsible for this, but due to the negligence of all of us, we have come to this conclusion. And we are faced with this form of nature. Therefore, now together we all have to eradicate the damage caused by the global warming of our earth. And it is also our duty to spread awareness about this subject to the people! The children will have to be made aware of the ill effects of this and give them advice so that they can give their support in fighting this problem.

Essay on Global Warming under 500 Words

What is Global Warming

In simple terms, if global warming means, the ever-increasing temperature on the earth and the changes in the weather due to it, this increase in the temperature of the earth which is estimated at 1 degree Fahrenheit at an average temperature of 100 years. , As a result of which much changes in rain, melting of icebergs and glaciers, rise in sea level and effects in flora and fauna are all coming in front of us.

It is difficult for a common man to understand how big a problem global warming is. Hearing the words, he considers him a technical problem and that is why he does not go to the bottom of this matter! So, leaving it as a scientific definition and understanding. Moreover, most people feel that at the moment there will be no danger in the world.

In our India too, global warming is seen not giving much importance. But in the science world, global warming is said to be the biggest threat of the 21st century, and it is being compared to the third world war or even bigger than the collision of the planet Venus with the earth.

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Global warming is due to climate change on Earth, which is the most responsible greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are gases that draw heat outside. The most important gases in greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide. Which we emit with our breath.

According to environmental scientists, the amount of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere in the earth is increasing, and forgetting in the atmosphere of the earth, it is causing the temperature to rise here. According to scientists, if the emission of these gases continues in this way, the temperature of the Earth will increase from 3 ° to 8 ° C in the 21st century! And if this continues, then the result will be very fatal.

Just as snow sheet will spread in some part of the world, sea level will rise and due to rising sea level, many parts of the world will be absorbed under water, we will face many such problems. Which will prove very harmful for us.

Causes of Global Warming

Humans and their activities are the most responsible for global warming and as a result of which destructive, human being blind in their development and progress is gradually getting away from nature. They are being blocked in the streams of rivers for their selfishness. Destroying trees and forests to gather resources.

Pollution is also increasing due to the industrial revolution, coal, oil and driving millions of vehicles. Because of which our earth is becoming unusually polluted.

Effects of Global Warming

Greenhouse gas is a gas that enters the atmosphere of the Earth and becomes a factor of increasing the temperature here. Scientists say that if the emission of these gases continues, the temperature of the earth will increase significantly, and the result of which will be very fatal.

The sheets of ice lying in the world will also melt. Due to this, the water level of the sea will rise up to several feet, due to this, many parts of the world will be submerged and there will be huge destruction and this destruction will be very much for our earth. Will be harmful.

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How to Prevent Global Warming

Global warming is a process developed by us humans because no change can happen on its own without touching anything. Therefore, just as we are working to increase global warming, similarly all of us humans together are very important to save this earth from global warming and for this we have to make many kinds of efforts.

  1. We have to stop the cutting of forests. The effect of global warming can be reduced only if we all plant more and more trees.
  2. This responsibility is not only with the government, but all of us must reduce the use of fuel and electricity like petrol, diesel and reduce harmful gases.
  3. All countries must abide by the Kyoto Protocol Treaty.
  4. Technical development can also be dealt with. For this, we have to make refrigerators in which CFC is not used and such vehicles should be made out of which the least smoke comes out.

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