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Earth is the only planet on which the stream of life flows. This stream of life is called nature. Nature provides the necessary resources for life. Such as air for breathing, water for drinking, and foodstuffs to fill the stomach. So here we will explain about Essay on Nature.

But humans are combusting nature for their more desires. And depriving the earth of its natural beauty. Time is warning us that if we do not take concrete steps on this subject now, then the day is not far when life on this earth will become impossible. So let’s discuss this beautiful nature now.

Essay on Nature under 100 Words

In the broad sense, if we talk about nature, then nature is natural, physical or pleasing and the world or universe. In the context of “nature”, it can be related to the subject of the physical world, all can also be related to life in general. The study of nature is a major part of the study of science. And human is also a part of nature, human action is often considered as a separate category from other natural divisions.

All creatures, including humans and animals, are the result of nature itself. Human is moving towards its development. But he is ignoring nature. Human beings are forgetting that nature has been a rip-off of human beings. But human selfishness is spoiling the balance of the year, which can also become fatal for the coming generation.

essay on nature

Essay on Nature Under 300 Words

Nature, which gives us so much, which we cannot even imagine! Life on this earth is possible only because of nature. There are many other planets in the universe, but because of not having this nature there, life could not be possible there. Thus nature is the basis of our life. Nature is not the same everywhere in the earth. Nature changes its form according to the place, and provides us resources according to the place. Also our mind provides comfort to our eyes.

There is such a beautiful and attractive nature around us that provides a natural environment to keep us happy and live a healthy life. Our nature gives us many types of beautiful flowers, attractive birds, animals, green banaspati, blue sky, land, sea, forest, mountain, plateau etc. God has made us a very beautiful nature for our healthy life. Whatever things we use for our lives is the property of nature, which is very important to save for our needs.

If nature gives us so much, then it becomes our duty to respect it knowing the importance of it and not desolate it for our greed. Due to which the children of man can also enjoy its beauty and take advantage of it, otherwise there will be a day when people will be able to see and feel the beauty of this nature on their computer only.

As long as there is balance in this nature, there will be balance in our life as well. Where the balance of this nature is disturbed, the balance of our life will also start to stagger! This earth which we find so beautiful, it is only due to this nature. Otherwise, if the nature was not present here, this earth would have been nothing but a deserted planet.

Nature Essay under 600 Words

As has been said earlier, the life of a human being depends entirely on nature. We get almost everything we need from nature. Millions of years ago, when the knowledge of human beings was like an animal, then humans used to get all the things necessary for life from nature itself. Today, even when we are touching the heights of science, our needs are met only by nature. Nature is called Mother because it nurtures us. Nature has been taking care of us since time immemorial. Despite the importance of human life in nature, we are spoiling its balance day by day due to our greed.

The beginning of life on earth and the work of sustaining life is a very complex process of nature. Whatever this nature has produced, there is nothing of uselessness. Everything has its own importance. From vegetation to bacteria, insects, humans and humans, they are doing all their own contribution in running the life process.

For humans to survive, air and water should be available in sufficient quantity in nature. Along with this, many types of fauna and flora should also remain. All food is hidden inside the soil, which is extracted as food by the vegetation. In which the rays of the sun help him. Carnivores live by eating vegetation such as grass, leaf, fruit, flower. In the end, the dead bodies of the creatures shrivel in the soil and maintain its fertile power, the vegetation continues to grow again in that fertile soil, and thus the cycle continues to rotate.

Nature Essay

Vegetation prevents soil erosion in strong rains and helps in bringing rain and maintaining the weather cycle properly. The river flowing throughout the year by stopping the vegetative water in its roots also works to conserve the water of the drains. And by consuming impure air, it grows itself and leaves pure air oxygen in the atmosphere for other organisms. In other words, vegetation plays the most central role in running the entire life cycle. This is how we get a priceless wealth of nature. Everything in nature has its own importance and affects our lives. If anyone thing is destroyed, then it affects the whole life cycle. Human beings are unable to understand this.

The creator has not given limited ability to man today so that he can try to change his creation. Today this is happening in many areas. Man has started to challenge the power of destiny, from collecting goods to mass destruction. It is being played with nature and trying to eradicate the existence of fauna. Bano is being rapidly destroyed, not even taking care of the danger of imbalance of nature for setting up industries and meeting energy needs. Its early side effects can be seen in the increasing conflict of animals with animals.

Today the weather is changing due to the imbalance of nature. And its result is taking a very frightening form. If nature’s behaviour becomes unpredictable in this way, then neither agriculture nor industry will be able to run in future. Apart from this, natural resources are also slowly getting depleted. Due to such uncontrolled behaviour of human beings, our new generation in future may not get a chance to use it. Therefore, it is our duty today that we should stop those activities which are causing the balance of our nature to deteriorate. Only then will we be able to give our future generations a beautiful and secure future.

Steps to Save Environment

In order to preserve nature, it is necessary to pay attention to some main things, and it is the following.

1) Cutting of trees should be stopped.

2) The plantation can prevent soil erosion.

3) We should do our utmost to keep the nature around us clean.

4) All steps needed to be taken to prevent pollution of all types of environment.

5) We should respect the gift of nature and spend the useful substances of nature according to law.

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