Essay on Pollution for Students and Children

Pollution is one of the biggest problems. And this problem is not facing one particular country but also this is facing all over the world. That’s why the problem of pollution has become the biggest problem in all around the world. (Best Essay on Pollution for Students and Children)

We are responsible for all the pollutions in the world, humans are growing along with many natural disasters. Now only through education, we can change the habit of humans. That’s why in most of the exams comes to write an essay on pollution. So if you are looking for the best essay on pollution then don’t worry you are on the perfect website.

In this article, I am going to share with you the best essay on pollution for students and children. I am going to write an essay with full details. So let’s get started.

Best Essay on Pollution for Students and Children:

We all heard that humans are the biggest resource in the world but slowly-slowly humans are going to be the biggest enemy of Earth. A few years ago the earth was very green and beautiful but for the negligence of humans now the earth is saving from many natural disasters like pollution and more.

Pollution is the biggest problem on earth, and this problem could outweigh humans. The natural environment is getting worst day by day. There are a few types of pollution on earth.

Types of Pollution on Earth:

Basically, there are three types of pollutions. The types of pollutions are given below.

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Land Pollution

Different types of works are responsible for these three types of pollution. Below I will let you the cause of these pollutions.

Air Pollution:

There are so many reasons for air pollution. But the major reasons for causing air pollution are vehicular pollution, industrial emissions, waste burning, thermal power plants, construction dust, and millions of poor households’ use of cheap and dirty fuel like wood, bamboo, and many more.

These are not only responsible for air pollution but also responsible for global warming.

Water Pollution:

The causes of water pollution are domestic and industrial wastage, water tank leakages, marine dumping, atmosphere deposition are the major reason for water pollution.

But there are also so many reasons for water pollution like washing clothes in lakes, throw carbage on water, mixing medicines in water, and more. These are also the reasons for water pollution.

Land Pollution:

There are so many reasons for land pollution, most of the human activities polluting the land a lot. The causes of land pollution are garbage is the most common problem for land pollution, because everyday garbages is thrown from every household’.

Factories also another for the cause of land pollution because throw toxic waste products and chemical which is very bad for the land.

Farming is another cause of land pollution but it is very important for every person. But sometimes the farmers clear the forest for their farming which is one of the biggest reasons for land pollution.

Mining is also responsible for land pollution, mining produces harmful gases which are bad for the land. And this activity not only produces land pollution but also it is responsible for air pollution.

How to Reduce Pollution?

We have discussed above the types of pollution and the causes of pollution. Now we should also discuss how we can stop the rising of pollution, because if we don’t do anything then maybe we face a lot of problems in the future. So now will talk about some ways to stop reducing pollution.

Some Simple Steps to Reduce Pollution:-

  • Don’t through you daily garbage anywhere
  • Try not to use vehicles for traveling
  • You can take public transportation instead of your car.
  • Use your car as less possible, you walk to anywhere instead of car
  • You can also use a cycle instead of a car and bike
  • Don’t wash your clothes in the lake and don’t throw garbage in the lake
  • You can refuel your car in the evening when its cool to reduce pollution.
  • You should reduce your trips you take with your friends
  • Don’t burn your garbage, and throw anywhere
  • Stop burning leaves, trash, and other materials
  • Turn off your lights when it’s not in use
  • Recycle and reuse which are possible
  • Reduce using plastic, plastic bags are very harmful to the enviroment
  • Stop cutting and burning forests
  • Try to use fans instead of air conditioner
  • Crackers are very harmful for air pollution, so stop using crackers.
  • Avoid using all the chemical products

These are the regular simple steps you can implement in your daily to reduce the pollution. So everyone should apply this simple things in their daily life.

So guys that is the essay on pollution for students ans children. And guys pullotion is really a big problem in today’s world that’s why we should be careful about it. And don’t only use this steps in your study but also use it in your daily life. Because this are very important for all over the world.

If our new generation care about this major problem then we could stop polluting the world. And if the will be pollution free then the peoples can stay healthy and happy, most of the peoples are suffering from the illness just because of pollution.

I would like to inform you that India is one of the toppest coutry for pollution. Now you can guess how India is polluted so if we don’t do anything then we are going to face a lot of problem.

So that was for today, if you have any question in your mind then you can share with us in the comment box below. Thank you very much guys for visiting our website, see you again with another interesting article.

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