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As we know water is one of the basic requirement of life. So it’s our basic duty along with a major duty to save water. Today in this article we present you with a Short Essay on Save Water. Another name of water is life. So I hope that you will love the article reading completely, and this article can make a small difference in the saving of water.

Essay on Save Water under 300 words

Water is the primary requirement of every organism on earth. No one can live without water. As we all know that all our daily activities are related to water in some way. Many daily routines are incomplete without water. For example; for drinking purpose, for taking bath, for cooking food, for washing clothes, for cleaning our area, for growing plants, to feed animals & birds, and so on.

Actually, we are not able to count the activities related to water because approx all the daily thing are combined with it. When we can see that life without water is impossible, we cannot imagine our life without water. To make sure the water supply and availability to us we should save the water as much as we can.

Essay on Save Water

Saving water from now is important to solve the problem of water in future. There is an extreme water shortage not only in our country but in other countries of the world too. Many people have to travel long distances for drinking and cooking as well as for the water needed to complete daily tasks. On the other side, people are wasting more water than their daily needs in area of sufficient water.

We should plant more and more plants and stop the cutting of trees. In spite of this we should collect the rainwater to combat with many problems. The government should do some more campaigns to aware the people about water conservation. Being a responsible citizen of our country we all should understand our duty towards this serious matter.

Poster on Save Water

Here I present a few poster on Save Water

Poster on Save Water



Poster on Water Conservation

Paragraph on Save Water

Water-saving is very important as the total per cent of usable water is very low now. Everyone should understand the value of every single drop of water. We do not need to do any type of extra effort to save water, we just need to do some positive changes in our daily activities like closing the tap properly after every use, we should use buckets and mug for washing and bathing instead of fountains or pipes etc.

A small effort of millions of people can produce a big positive result towards the water conservation campaign. The cost of drinking water is so high now that a poor person will not be able to afford this in future. Water resources are related to the water cycle, the water cycle is the main process of water formation on earth and plants are the very important part of that cycle. 

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