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Today we have brought for you this essay about science and technology written below, you will know a lot about technology. Because nowadays people are connected with technology in some way. For this reason, taking knowledge of it is also a very important subject. Hence we have brought you an article of Essay on Science and Technology.

Science and Technology

Today we have brought for you this essay about science and technology written above, you will know a lot about technology. Because nowadays people are connected with technology in some way. For this reason, taking knowledge of it is also a very important subject.

In the last few years, the field of science has undergone a transformation. Information and technology revolution is going on in the world. Due to this information commission has been made. Developing countries like America and Japan have already brought change from an industrial society to information and society. This was bound to happen because the amount of scientific knowledge that human civilization has acquired in the last 50 years sits 90% in the entire history of human civilization. Information technology has the largest share in this knowledge. Information technology has led to rapid progress in the fields of communication, satellite and computer science.

Today, the era of science and technology is coming up in our country so fast that, due to these, no field is left today. They are used somewhere in every region. In the past, science and technology were used almost infrequently, but in the changing times, science and technology have created a world which most people would not have even imagined.

Earlier science and technology were not used much in the society, in the country, People then read letters to communicate with their friends or relatives. Used to read pigeons to convey information to the people. But in the changing times, mobile phones have taken their place. In the same way today everything is changing in changing times. In the field of agriculture also, if we see, the Green Revolution has played a very important role to eliminate the problem of food grains in our country. A green revolution is the contribution of scientists. Due to this, the farmer brothers have got immense help.

Science and Technology Essay

Today, if we see our entire country is dependent on agriculture, science has advanced us on the path of development by using advanced facts in this field. Today, science and technology has given us a lot of growth in areas like entertainment, telecommunications, television, mobile phones etc. If we talk about nuclear energy, it is only through scientists that we have got nuclear energy, The construction of nuclear power has proved to be very important for our country. Many types of missiles have been built by scientists. It plays a very important role for our country and for the safety of our country! Apart from this, science has also made its strides in the field of medicine. Science and technology have made such strides in the field of medicine that everyone praises them today.

Many forms of science have also been found in the 21st century. Today, we can do anything through this Internet of science, we can get news of the whole world immediately and can earn money sitting at home. You can fill a variety of online forms, send money to anyone, it means to say that the Internet given by science technology is prevailing in the whole world today.

Today we can live our lives in a very best way! The reason for this is modern technology, which we have got from science itself. Science and technology will benefit us from many more benefits in the coming future. Just don’t abuse us! Because it will affect people due to excessive use, due to which it will have to face many problems.

Like, people can waste their time and life by being blamed by it. Therefore, we should use science and technology within a limited range. Excessive use can greatly affect our lives. In fact, science and technology have been given to us by the great scientists of the country to make our future bright.

Essay on Science and Technology  (Advantages of Science)

In the period of computer and the internet created by scientists, information technology has become synonymous with success. It has established dominance in the field of telecommunications, television, banking business industry, science research and entertainment. Speaking of computers, it was initially the development of computers to complicate the complex of mathematics, the first principle of modern computers was Charles Babbage. Who designed a grand computer. During the Second World War, computers were first powered by electricity. Today computers have also become a powerful means of communication and control.

Today, almost all the people of the country work through computers, such as account transactions and the rest of the accounts are now done through computers. The transaction between banks of distant two countries has also been possible through computers. One computer can communicate with another computer thousands of kilometres away. For the exchange of information, several arrangements have been started to connect the major cities of the country through computer networks. Reservation of rail travel and air travel is also being done through a computer network.

Thus today the computer is supporting us in every area of ​​our life. It has made our life very accessible. By inventing more similar technologies, science and technology have made our lives very easy and simple, due to which we all can do everything easily today.

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