Farewell Speech for Students Under 500 Words

Hello guys, are you going to present a speech at your school/college farewell? But you don’t know how to make the speech properly then don’t worry you are in the perfect place. In this article, I am going to share with you some different farewell speech. (Best Farewell Speech for Students under 500 Words)

Here I am going to share with you 3 types of best farewell speech for students under 500 words, 300 words, and 200 words. You can choose any of them to present at your school/college farewell. If you don’t want to copy the complete speech then you can also take ideas from those speeches.

Now I am going share with you 3 types of farewell speech below. At first, I will share with the best farewell speech under 200 words then I will 300 words and then I will share 500 words farewell speech. So without wasting any more time lets get started.

Best Farewell Speech for Students under 200 Words:

Good morning our respected sir, mam, sweet juniors, and all the staff of our school/college. At first, I would like to say thank you to all our teachers, students, and staff for your support and friendly behavior.

I had a great journey in this school/college and I have experienced a lot of things in this school/college. I have enjoyed every day of this college when I have taken admission, all the respected teachers of this school/college helped me a lot in my every problem and they are the only reason for my educational qualification.

I will carry a lot of memories of this school/college campus, playground, classes, and of course, all the picnic, trips we have done with our teachers and students. I am not just gained my knowledge in this school/college I have also learned about true friendship and we don’t know from today where we will go, so I want to thank all my classmates and friends for making my school life special.

So this was my feelings I wanted to share with you. And before I end my speech I want to thank again all my teachers. Thank you very much.

Best Farewell Speech for Students under 300 words:

Good Morning our respective sir, mam. sweet junior and all the staff of our school/college. today I have no word to say about our school/college because I feel so bad by think that today going to be the last day of our school/college.

Looks like it’s been a few days when I have to take admission to this school for the first time. But in these days I have experienced a great time. I will never forget till my end of the day the special times I have experienced in this school/college.

Playing with my friends in the playground of this school/college and those times which we have passed in the school/college campus. And know all my classmates have the same feeling about this school. Maybe we can not meet each other but you all are going to be my good memories and I love you all so much.

All the teachers in our school/college are very lovable and supportive, I am not only gained my knowledge from them I have also learned from them how to be a good man. They treated more than their son and daughter. But I am feeling so sad by thinking that from today I can not learn anything from them. But that is the truth we have to leave this school next education and future, that’s why I want to thank all the teachers for their support massive support.

I also want to thank all the staff at our school for making our school days comfortable. They work whole the day for us and all the staff of our school is very hardworking and supportive so want to thank them to from my heart. And I am also going to miss them. So that was my speech at the farewell and I am also want to thank all my respective teachers, students, and the staff.

Best Farewell Speech for Students under 500 Words:

Good morning to our respective teachers, students, and all the staff of our school. Today is our last at this school. But I can’t understand how these school days were gone, it feels like a few days ago I have joined this school. I have a lot of memories at this school.

I am feeling really sad by thinking from today I will not come this. I will miss a lot the campus of our school, the playground of our school, the classes of our school, all the teachers of our school, and all the friends of our school. And I think all my classmates are feeling the same as I am feeling now. They are also going to miss this school a lot like me.

If I share my feeling about my school days then it will take a lot of time that’s why I want to say something to our respective teachers. At first, I want to thank them for sharing their knowledge with us. I feel lucky that I have found the teachers like you. And I wanna thank them again for their massive support to us.

I want to say sorry to all our teachers if I have made any trouble for them, I know our teachers will forgive me because we are like their children. So want to let them know I will our all the teachers a lot.

I also want to say something about my friends. From the first day to today of school I have passed a lot of time with my friends. And all the days I have passed with my friends at this school was a beautiful memory for me. But today is going to be the last day of our school and we don’t know where life will take us. So on this memorable day, I just want to tell them I love you all and I am going to you too.

I also want to thank all the staff who worked hard for our comfort. They worked for the whole day just to provide us a comfortable time. That’s why I want to thank them from my heart. And I am feeling so bad from today we will not see our teachers, students staff but that is the rule of life. We have to sacrifice for our future.

So in the end, I also want to thank my respective teachers, staff, and best of luck to the sweet juniors and my friends. That’s all.

So these are three speeches you can give in farewell party. So thank you very much guys visiting our website. See you again with another interesting article.

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