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This was a very shocking news for all the gamers in India, after a sudden ban on the game of PUBG in India. All the PUBG players have gone crazy hearing the NEWS. But one exciting announcement from the media has given a lot of relief to the people. That is the release of another game like PUBG. That game is FAUG (Fearless And United Guards).

This is made by an Indian game company nCore Games. This Indian Company has got a golden chance and they are going to launch an action new game in India as Fau – G (Fearless And United Guards).

Full Name of FAU-G

There are many people who don’t know the full name Fau-G and they still searching to know the full meaning of it. So if you are also want to know the full name of FAU – G. So here is  the full name of Fau-G and that is Fearless And United Guards.

This game is promoted by the Indian Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar who always supports the Indian defence. This news is very good news for the Pubg lovers because they can play this action game in the alternate of Pubg. Akshay Kumar is supporting this game just because of this game will donate 20% revenue to the Indian army. You should know that the game developing from a few months.

nCore FAUG Link

Fau-G Release Date

FAU-G was announced to release in India on the month of October 2020. But nobody really knows when it will be launched. Everyone is waiting for the release of the game and hoping to get it soon.

Other games of nCore Games

Vishal Gondal is Founder of nCore Games and he is working on two other games except Fau-G with two other Co-Founder of nCore Games. One game will base on Cricket and the other game will base on music. The name of the games is still not revealed.

If you want to know the release date of these two games then I would like to inform you that the music game will release on the last date of this month.

How to Download Fau-G?

Because the Fau-G game is not launched in India that’s why you download the game now. But once the game will launch in India we will provide the downloading process with the downloading link. So now you have to wait for few months to download the Indian Fau-G game. After the launch of the game, you can download it from Play Store and App Store.

Some Interesting Facts About FAU-G

1 ) Fau-G game is going to be launched in October 2020. Vishal Gondal the Co-Founder of nCore games company said that.

2) The first level of the game will be based on Galway Valley.

3)  20% revenue of the game will be donated to the Indian Army. We all know that Akshay Kumar always stands for the Indian Armies.

4)  This game is not inspired or copied by  PUBG. The nCore game company was developing before the ban of PUBG.

5) The poster of the game is not copied from other games. The nCore games company has the copyright owner of the poster.

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