10 Games Like Inside You Can Play – 2021

Hey, Guyz Today we will talk about 10 Games Like Inside You Can Play.  We all have the feeling when we get attached to a certain game, we enjoy it to the fullest till it gets over. And when it gets over, we all wish it would have lasted a bit longer. One can also search for the same type of games on the internet but it is very difficult to find the replica.

If you have played the game Inside, you know how interesting and unique the game is. If you have played the game, you should try the below given. In these article we have listed the Top 10   Best Games Like Inside.

10 Games Like Inside

List of 10 Games Like Inside are Given Below:-

1. Limbo

Developer: Playdead

If you have played Inside, then this game will be quite an experience for you. Limbo game was the same concept, visual and audio concepts as that of the previous game. With different themes and aesthetics, the black and white interface along with surprising puzzles and the vulnerable protagonist, the game becomes highly unique and interesting to play.

2. Braid

Developer: Number None

It is a post-modern repacking of familiar video games such as the Mario rescue of the princes’ concept and the unique and elegant puzzle design that is quite exciting. Braid stands top on the best gaming experience from inside and outside. It is more like a thoughtful and painful meditation on the nature of life and its circumstances. The ending of the game is quite amazing and unexpected.

3. Fez

Developer polytron

Fez Game has a brightly colored visual and an interface that is why it is striking to the eyes of the player. There are many things that is shared in common between both games. The challenging puzzles are something to look beyond for players. It also features a second layer of a puzzle which might continue to seem as if the game is going to end but as soon as you keep on playing you will discover more and more. And that makes it super interesting.

4. Kentucky Route Zero

Developer: Cardboard Computer

It is more than just about progressing the narrative, but it is an adventure which will keep you discovering more and more. It has some clever puzzles and unique thematic concepts that keeps the player busy literally all the time. The players of this game will experience the same wonder and sensation as the used to feel while playing Inside as it has a lot of bewilderment once you cannot find out what is really going on.

5. The Swapper

Developer- Facepalm Games

While you played Inside, you know how enchanting was the creepy sound which played at the background and was powerful enough to give you a unique experience while playing. While playing the game, you will find the character keeps on running forever and the small distractions and the sounds are noticeable signs that keep you entertained all the time. You might feel it while playing the game as the features are dark and quiet setting. As the same Inside, this game also allows you to solve a lot of puzzles that get harder with every level you pass.

6. Year Walk


What makes Inside so compelling is the emotional note it drives all along its way. The same role is played by the game Year Walk where there are a lot of things to explore such as loneliness, nature of existence and really hitting the brain kind of interface. In the game you will be playing a protagonist who is confronting a complex practice of fasting and solitude, and it is encountered with some insane creators from Swedish folklore.

7. Badland

Developer: Frogmind

While you play the game Inside, you know how the sounds has played the most important role all throughout the journey giving you an amazing experience. The sounds are definitely the most amazing part of the game where it gives you an unique sensation of different things that can happen. The interface and graphic of the Badland is quite different as it focuses on the screen tabs and moves the protagonist through obstacles. The audio and the visual design is set in a great mood with the whole theme of the Badland. People who have played both the games Inside and Badland know that the sound and the visual design of both the games go hand in hand. Badland 2 has also been recently launched, and they are both amazing.

8. The witness

Developer: Thekka, Inc

The most mesmerizing fact about the game is the puzzle which has been built on a strict structure on a line from one point to another. This is one of the greatest puzzle masterpieces where you are going to experience the most and dramatic brain teasers. It is a game that is a must-play if you have already played the game Inside.

9. The Stanley parable

Developer Galactic Cafe

It’s quite an exciting game where there is an office worker who is new and discovering his life at his job. We come to know it’s more complex and strange. But as you keep on playing you will know more about it layer by layer.


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