7 Games Like Ori and The Blind Forest – 2021

If you have played a game like Ori and the Blind Forest then you must be knowing how the came grips you in and there is no way out. People say that it is one of the best Metroidvania games which means it is more like an action-adventure game. The game Ori and the Blind Forest involves a protagonist who has swum, flown and went on a great adventure.

If you have finished the game then searching for a new game can be quite a tough task. We have eased your struggle, and now we are here with the top games which are just like Ori and the Blind Forest. Keep on reading the article to know more.

List of Top 7 Games Like Ori and The Blind Forest

  • Celeste
  • Rayman Legends
  • SteamWorld Dig 2
  • Strider
  • Yoku’s Island Express
  • Hollow Knight
  • Guacamelee


If you think you are a gamer, then you have to play this game anyhow. This game is very overrated, and it has got its reason. The game is not hyped, but the game has got the best of its own reason such as a high level of Designing. Not just graphics but also the challenging stages which you are going to unlock are just excellent. The game also has a deep story that will help you connect with the game. The platform in mechanics is also top-notch which means that you can have an amazing experience playing this game. If you haven’t played the game Celeste then you should play it. People also praise a lot about its soundtrack which is very similar to that of Ori and the Blind Forest. So hope you play and enjoy it!


Rayman Legends is not more into Metroidvanias side but still has a lot in common with Ori and the Blind Forest. The best thing about this game is its energetic platformer game. The moment is very Swift and the momentum is just extraordinary. This means if you want to play this game then your presence of mind should be very high. You cannot play this game if you have a soft heart. Once you keep on playing the game you will experience some extraordinary situations which will just puzzle your mind. While you play, you are going to experience excitement and energy which is as same as Ori and the Blind Forest.


As the name suggests the game has a lot of digging work into it but that does not mean that it’s just about digging. There is a lot more in this game. The game has got adventures, some fights and thrilling experiences. In this game you have to dig a section of dirt after which you are going to reveal a secret room. This secret room contains some out of the box challenges which you will have to clear in order to jump to the next level. You have to avoid arrows and some hooks, etc. One thing which you are going to enjoy this game is the magnificent animation and designing it has got. Many people appreciate the colors and the graphics in the game and that is true.


The game has got a lot of criminal perspective along with adventure and drama. You are going to love it if you have played Ori and the Blind Forest. Just like the game Ori, here you will be having some satisfying moments of adventure. You will climb, slice, dash, jump, etc. The game has got a lot of adventure into it and that keeps you busy and entertained.


One of the things that people who play this game appreciate a lot is the unique pen was section init. It is one of those cute games which you are going to enjoy a lot. The animation, the sound effect and the flow of the game is very amazing. There is also some thrill in it which you are going to experience only when you play this game. The twists and turns and the layer by layer of adventures are amazing.


Hollow knight is very similar to Orio and the Blind Forest where you want to have an amazing adventure experience. The game has not just got an amazing adventure but also is thrilling and out of the box. It has got some beautiful graphics and entertaining music and some emotional story line to it. The game also has a beautiful story and amazing characters that will draw you into the game. You have to fight with terrific enemies to get it yourself out of the circumstances.


Last but not the least, we have got the game GUACAMELEE which will give you the same experience as that of Ori and the Blind Forest. The game is very powerful and has a criminal assent to it. The game has got good graphics and display. The feel and flow is smooth performance over all. Try playing it if you have played the game Ori and the Blind Forest.


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