Globalisation Essay In Very Simple Words For Students And Teachers

Globalisation, as the word suggests is the gradual process of spreading of services throughout the globe. In this process, people from one part of the world can get services from another part of the world very easily. So here in this article, you will get a Globalisation essay. Also by reading this article, you will know the advantages and disadvantages of globalisation and many more

Globalisation essay

Globalisation is the process of gradual expansion of services, products and business to an international level.  In this process various local or national company increases its production and expands it to an international platform.  Hence,  the productivity is not limited and expands to a worldwide level.

Globalisation essay in 150 Words

Globalisation is the process by which any service gets worldwide availability. It is very important in today’s economic world and is more in a developed country than in developing countries. In this process, people from all over the world may get access to a wide range of goods, services and products.

There are various impacts of globalisation. The first and foremost is the productivity and the production of the company increases.  There is economic development of the producer as well the country.  More people are engaged in different activity which increases the employment generation. As the production increases the variety of goods also increases which ultimately results in competition and production of better quality of goods and services.

More competition also reduces the price and as a result, there is a wide range of option for the consumers.  It eliminates the distance between the consumers and producers making the drives more available worldwide.

In a globalised country, people may get access to a wide range of goods and services. For example,  In India, we may get a new customised phone on the same day it is launched in other parts of the world.  With the help of globalisation more, trade and business are increasingly developing the economic, political and cultural unity.

Essay On Globalisation in 250 Words

Globalisation is the chain broadness that makes the world more interesting connected and interdependent.  It allows the free movement of goods,  technology,  services,  products,  and ideas from one place of the world to a global platform. The best example of globalisation in our day to day life is the consumption if Chinese food,  using foreign manufactured phones like iPhone, etc and wearing beaded clothes likes Gucci.  It simplifies the process in which service gets a worldwide platform and it is just not confined to a single place.

People from one part of the world can receive services from all over the world and can be connected with them easily.  The producer has customers all over the world from different countries. It is done by multinational companies who provide a wide range of services. It brings more competition among different business and hence provides a wide range of option for customers all over the globe.

In the present day, the most important source of globalisation are the social networking sites which give us global platform connecting millions of people ex- Instagram,  Twitter,  Even many sites are using this feature and selling products worldwide and gaining millions of money. It indicates the free movement of goods and services across national boundaries and creates interdependence among different countries. It mainly occurs in three forms that are Economic globalisation,  Political globalisation, and Cultural globalisation.

Economic occurs by the integration and interdependence of different nationalities and by increasing their economic status. Political globalisation is when the government takes action and works for the betterment of people and economic growth globally. Cultural globalisation occurs by sharing of values and reasons globally and when people of different community starts accepting it.  This is the cultural enrichment process also.

Globalisation essay in 500 Words

Globalisation is the process of expansion of business and technologies to distant places or different countries globally.  Globalisation is considered to be a vast time taking and multidimensional process in which the services are not just confined to a single place.  In this process, the market is increased beyond the country level and marketing is being done by the process of imports and exports.

According to Stieglitz, Nobel Prize Winner for economics and former chief economist of World Bank ‘Globalisation is the closer integration of countries and people of world which has been brought about by the enormous reduction of costs of transportation and communication and breaking down of artificial barriers to the flow of goods and services,  capital,  knowledge and people across borders’.

Globalisation allows free trade and flow of market products at the international level. Globalisation mainly started during the 1990s when the WORLD TRADE ORGANISATION and INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND started to allow other countries to spread their business in a worldwide stage.  But in India, it started by 1991 under Union Finance Minister Manmohan Singh.

Liberalisation is another outcome of this process as it creates freedom for the businessman and trader to increase their services out of boundaries and to make a profit. Globalisation helps in the flow of new products globally with the facilitation and participation of more manufacturers, producers and consumers. It is thus responsible for greater connectivity of every aspect of society,  politically,  economically and socially.

Globalisation is one of the important factors that affect the development of the country.  It does not just expands the variety of services to the people but also increase the employment and income generation.  Globalisation hence develops the economy of the country. It involves the interaction of countries and thus decrease boundaries and creating a free flow of trades and industries. It creates an environment of international competitiveness which eventually causes the production of superior quality of goods and services for the consumers. It has also resulted in the greater development of our country India.

As agriculture is the primary activity engaging 70% of the population,  the introduction of advanced farming techniques and equipment has resulted in greater production in this industry.  Another important sector, Education,  has been developed to a greater extent due to the implementations of the new methodology of teaching as well as a foreign institution making a place in India.

Though there are so many advantages of globalisation even a coin has two faces.  Globalisation eventually harms the local craft person and poor uneducated workers by taking away their source of bread and butter.  It has resulted in forceful employment of child labour, discriminating and creating an unfair working condition.

At last, it is rightly quoted by Anna,  Globalisation has made us more vulnerable. It creates a world without border and makes us painfully aware of the limitations of our present instruments, and of politics,  to meet its challenges. You can also go through Save Girl Child Essay , Health is Wealth, My Mother Essay

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