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Today we will talk about Sanskrit language. What is the importance of Sanskrit language in India and the world. And what has Sanskrit contributed to the world. You will be able to know about Importance Of Sanskrit Language in this article today.

The Sanskrit language is also called Devani or Surbharati. It is a language in the Indian subcontinent and the oldest language in the world. Sanskrit is a family branch of Indian Europeans, hence it is also known as Hind Arya language. Today’s modern Indian languages ​​such as – Hindi, Bangla, Sindhi, Punjabi, Marathi, Nepali etc. have originated from this and all these languages ​​also have the Romani language of Europeans. Almost all religious texts related to Vedic religion are written in Sanskrit.

Many important texts of Buddhism and Jainism have also been written in Sanskrit. Even today, people of All Hinduism do most of the Yajna and worship in Sanskrit. Bhimrao Ambedkar suggested making Sanskrit the official language, as Sanskrit could be the only language that binds the whole of India in the thread of unity.

Paragraph on Importance of Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit is the mother of all languages ​​along with the Dev language. Because all the languages ​​of the world have been amazing from this womb. Apart from this, Vedas being composed in this language or Vedic language are also called. The first poetry book in Sanskrit is considered Rigveda and Rigveda is also called Adi Granth. The elegance, grammar, verses, beauty, ornamentation of Sanskrit language in the Rigveda of the Rigveda is astonishing and wonderful. The encyclopedia of divine knowledge is the result of Sanskrit’s prosperity. And this language is equally relevant and vibrant till date because of its divine and goddess characteristics.

Sanskrit language means sophisticated, refined, complete and ornate. Sanskrit language is full of all these characteristics. Language errors are not found in these languages, whereas in other languages ​​it does. The Sanskrit language is sophisticated as well as ornate, and the ornamentation is its beauty. For this reason, Sanskrit has been given the status of the full language. And Sanskrit is also called Adi Bhasha. Its antiquity is associated with the Rigveda and linguists consider it a member of the indo-iranian family.

Apart from this, Sanskrit is also divided into Vedic and Classic Sanskrit. The Vedic Sanskrit ranges from the Vedas to the Upanishads, while the classic Sanskrit contains mythological texts such as the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, etc. According to linguist Shri Bholanath Tiwari Ji, it has been divided into four parts, viz., West- Northern, Central Indigenous, Eastern and Southern. Its prosperity has also attracted Western scholars.

The Sanskrit language is also more complete than Greek, richer than Latin, and more sophisticated than any other language. For this reason Sanskrit is called the mother of all languages, and all languages ​​are also considered to be the originators.

Importance Of Sanskrit Language

Essay on Sanskrit Language

Sanskrit is called the classical language of India. The description of this language has been received after deep meditation by sages and sages. For this reason, it is called Dev Bani or Sur Bharati. It is one of the most mentioned old languages ​​in the world. But some time ago, the literature of Egypt was considered by the Western scholars to be the oldest, but now all scholars unanimously consider the first Sanskrit treatise Rigveda to be the oldest.

In Sanskrit language, there are four purusharthas useful for human life, such as – Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha have been discussed in great detail. Therefore, Sanskrit is only ancient religion, so it will not be said right, the ancient texts on the subjects related to philosophy of materialism also got the attention of cars. Kautilya has a famous treatise in economics, in which all the information related to political science is found. The theme of household life is also well described in the Kama Shastra composed by Vatsayan.

Religion is given more importance in ancient Indian life, because it holds special pride in religious terms. Also, to get a proper knowledge of Indian religion and philosophy, study and knowledge of Veda is very important. The Veda is the original source from which various religious streams emanate and satisfy the human heart. It not only serves as a guide for the people of India but also for other countries and the whole world.

Sanskrit Language importance

It has been known from the scriptures that in ancient times, what was the idea of ​​the people regarding the gods. And what kind of worship they received from them. Similarly, in Sanskrit literature, they have attained world pride. According to scholars, the impression of Indian culture and Buddhism on China and other countries of Central Asia is well known. The Korean script is also dependent on the Indian script itself. Tibet has also always been an area of ​​Indian religion and practice.

Sanskrit literature also has its own special significance from purely artistic point of view. With this, poets like Kalidas succeeded in writing literature poetry. There were prose writers like Banabhatta who made the audience their devotee by narrating the Kamania story of Trilok Sundari Kadambari with their Saras poetry. Great playwrights like Bhubhuti, writers of property such as Gitikavya, Pandits like Sriharsha who had a unique blend of poetry and philosophy. In the same way, the importance of this rich literature becomes simple and clear. Sanskrit language is a world wide language and has a personal significance of its own.

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Amazing Facts of Sanskrit Language

1) Sanskrit was spoken in India 3000 years ago. Then 500 years before Christ, Panini wrote the world’s first grammar treatise. Which was from Sanskrit and its name is ‘Ashtadhyai’.

2) Sanskrit is the language of the world’s oldest book Rigveda, that is why it is considered the first language in the world.

3) Sanskrit is the only tool that makes fingers and jiva resilient respectively.

4) Students studying Sanskrit get help in learning mathematics, science and other languages.

5) Sanskrit is not only a mere language, but Sanskrit is a thought, culture is culture, a sacrament, Sanskrit has the welfare of the world, there is peace, there is cooperation, there is the spirit of Vasudev Kutumbakam.

6) Sanskrit is an official state language of Uttarakhand.

7) Sanskrit was the national language of India before the invasion of Arabia.

8) People still speak Sanskrit in Math Tour village of Karnataka.

9) Research has found that reading Sanskrit increases memory power.

This was a small effort on our part from this article to connect all of you with Sanskrit and your culture. And we hope that you will be proud to read about Sanskrit and know the subject of this language. If you liked reading this article (Importance of Sanskrit Language in Hindi) then do not forget to share it with your friends and relatives and also tell us about your thoughts through comments.


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