My Mother Essay In Simple And Easy Words For Students

Mother is the one because of whom we are living in this world. Her unconditional love and care cannot be compared with anything in this world. She is the one who stays by our side in every situation. She is the best friend, a strict teacher and mentor,  and a perfect company to be with for her child. She carries her child for 9 months, brings the child with unimaginable pain and grows her hold with all the sacrifices. In this article, we have explained My Mother Essay in very simple and easy words.

my mother essay

My Mother Essay In 150 Words

As rightly said that ‘ since God cannot be with us all time so she made mother’. Mother is the real God for her children. From giving birth, nurturing her child,  protecting them from every problem,  sacrificing her happiness for her children, the mother’s love cannot be compared with anything.

The value of a mother can only be proved by the fact that we unconsciously call our mother whenever we face trouble. The word mother is so precious that we call even our land as ‘motherland’.

The word mother itself reflects care, love, sympathy, support and sacrifice.  A mother is made up of so many emotions. She is calm and gentle to make her child smile while she can be devastating to someone who troubles her child.

She can play and laugh with her children as a best friend or scold and punish whenever her child does something wrong. Being a mother is so difficult, her love, care and trust for her child are unimaginable.

Essay On My Mother In 250 Words

Being a mother is the most difficult job. Because being a mother means being a teacher, a caretaker, a cook, an artist,  a best friend and everything. A mother plays almost every role in her motherhood.

She is the most hardworking person. A person who is a profession has a fixed time frame to work but a mother has a full-time job which is not time bounded.

She works almost day and night for her family and children. She wakes up early in the morning, makes meals, teaches us Moral values mad lessons, tells us a story, listens to our problems, takes care of our house and our grandparents too.

She is the most inspirational person for a child. A child can learn so much from the mother. Even after working the whole day she prays to God for the happiness and well-being of her family.

She never demands or asks for anything rather fulfil every need if her child. She encourages to achieve dreams and always trust and believes her child. Whenever her child fails, she always supports and inspire them and shows the right path. She helps her child to take decision made assist in most difficult circumstances.

Her love and care are no unconditional and selfless. Her encouragement can make us do every impossible thing in this world. She may scold us many times but at least she is the one who wants us to be happy, successful and safe. Mother is the name for God in the lips and hearts of little children.

My Mother Essay in 500 words


The word mother itself defines the infinite love and care.  She is the one and only women in our life who stands by thick and thin and support us in every situation. For a mother her children are everything. In our Indian tradition, the mother placed above God. She is regarded as God for her children. As God always loves and cares for her children and so is the mother.

The Unconditional Love Of Mother

A mother from the very beginning adores her child, she nurtures her baby inside the womb and carries them for 9 months.  After struggling through drastic changes in her body she gives birth to her with unimaginable pain. She feeds and nourishes them with her milk.

As her child becomes toddler she teaches to talk and walk. She is obviously the first teacher in a child’s life. She makes delicious food instantly. She works day and night for her family and takes care of the house.  She is the one who converts a house to a sweet home with her love. She not just only educate and make them literate but also teaches them values and disciples to live a happy life. She teaches us behaviours,  manners,  how to face a problem and deal with a situation. She is the best practical teacher who teaches us the most important lesson that is how to live a life.

No matter how many troubles her child faces, her mother is always there to support. In Indian tradition, we worship the goddess as our mother. Indian tradition depicts our goddess as ‘peaceful and gentle’ as Parvati Mata, the ‘goddess of knowledge’ as Saraswati Mata and the ‘goddess who destroys evil’ as Kali Mata. Mothers are great. They outlast everything. But when they’re bad, they’re the worst thing that can happen. Hence mother symbolises all these characters. She can be the support of her child peacefully and quietly, she can be the teacher if her child and can also be destructive when someone tries to harm her child. She is the embodiment of care, selflessness mad love.


For a child her mother is everything. A mother should be treated as the goddess and nevertheless, she is a goddess. But today many mothers are left abandoned by their children. Children grow up, leave the house to earn money and in between all these, they forget the sacrifices which her mother made. It is after all her mother’s hardworking and values which make a child successful.
Not only the love of a mother just exist in humans but also in animals. The love of a mother is infinite for her children. Children need to understand their value in life and respect, love and care the parents too. She deserves all the happiness in the world. A mother’s sacrifices cannot be compared with anything other.  She is the first love of her child. When a child is born, it’ is the only time a mother smiles with happiness while her child cries. As rightly said that-‘ A mother is she who can take place of all others but whose place no one can take’.

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