Pollution Essay For Students And Teachers in Very Simple Words

Pollution is derived from the Latin word ‘polluere’ which means to ‘defile’.  Hence it is any unwanted change in the environment which is harmful to live organisms. So in the article, we will discuss the Pollution Essay here.

Pollution Essay

Pollution causes many health problems and diseases (ex- asthma due to rising air pollution). It may be in any form like Air pollution, Water pollutionNoise pollution, Soil pollution,  etc.  It changes the physical, biological and chemical character of our air,  land,  soil,  water and environment.

Essay On Pollution in 150 Words

Pollution is the contamination of natural resources by changes in the environment. It is caused by factors known as ‘pollutants’. Pollutants are the agents of which that causes undesirable changes. Pollutants are any physical, chemical or biological contaminants. For example, carbon monoxide causes air pollution.

Pollution can be of many types some of which are-Air pollution ( by harmful gases), Water pollution ( wastewater by industries and drainage), Soil pollution (by chemicals in fertilizer, fungicides and pesticides), Plastic pollution (excess plastic wastes), Noise pollution (loudspeakers and vehicle’s sound). Pollution damages our nature and makes it unfit for humans, plants and other living beings. Environmental pollution is one of the biggest problems with human activities and should be taken with concern. Pollution is growing day by day and should be reduced in order to save our environment for the future.  We just need to take little steps in our day to day life in order to save our environment.

Essay on Pollution in 250 Words

Environmental pollution occurs when pollutants contaminate the natural environment.  It had resulted in various problems such as shortage of clean water, fresh air,  environmental disasters,  global warming,  changes in season.  El Nino effect.,etc. are some of them.

Though, man has developed in every field whether science or technology but deep down our Mother Nature us being witnessing all the unnatural and harmful changes. It is one of the biggest problem caused by humans activities which needs to be resolved in order to sustain life on Earth.

Pollution is not only causing harm to humans but also to trees,  birds,  animals,  insects, and other organisms. Extinction of species is one of the conclusion of pollution and unnatural changes in Earth.

Pollution can be in many forms.  Some of the main forms are:

WATER POLLUTION-  Contamination of freshwater is mainly by industrial waste. Also, drainage water is poured in rivers and lakes polluting them.

SOIL POLLUTION- The pollution in soil due to various chemical substances such as pesticides,  fertilizers,  fungicides,  insecticides which deteriorate the quality of soil nutrients.

AIR POLLUTION- This type of pollution results in the collection of harmful gases in the environment due to the release of harmful gases by industries, vehicles, etc.

RADIOACTIVE POLLUTION- pollution occurs due to radioactive substances in nature.  They radiate harmful rays or energies which may even kill living organisms.

LIGHT POLLUTION- The pollution caused by the artificial illumination of lights.

NOISE POLLUTION- The pollution caused by the excess noise of transport, machinery, etc.

Pollution Essay in 500 Words

Pollution is the undesirable changes in our nature which harm living organisms. It alters the natural environment and results in adverse condition. It may cause many types of health problems and even severe disease. Pollution is caused by its components called as pollutants.

Pollutants are any physical, chemical or biological contaminants which cause pollution. For example- Air pollution is caused by the release of poisonous gases such as chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’S). So CFC’S can be turned as pollutants. It is estimated that approximately 9 million death in 2015 were linked to pollution. Pollution is rising day by day and is a very serious concern for us.


Pollution can be of several forms of which some are-

  • Air pollution- Release of harmful gases like sulphur dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, hydrogen sulphide, etc are cause severe respiratory diseases.
  • Noise pollution- Pollution caused by the excess noise of transport, machinery, animals, loud music, etc can be turned as noise pollution. It affects the ears and sometimes affects our brains too.  Loud noises cause headaches,  migraines, etc.  In severe cases, a person may lose his hearing senses too.
  • Plastic pollution- Plastic is being used up in every day to day life. Bottles, brushes,  plastic bags, wrappers are some examples.  They are non-biodegradable and does not decompose easily into the soil and on burning produces harmful gases. Plastic pollution leads to the creation of great pacific garbage patch,  an island of plastic triple the size of France.
  • Water pollution- The industries and drained pour the dirty water into the rivers, ponds, oceans, etc which pollute them. This harms the living organisms in the water and ultimately destroy the ecosystem.
  • Soil pollution- Due to the accumulation and dumping of non-biodegradable plastic material in the soil, the soil loses its natural properties. Also, the pesticides, fungicides, undecided being chemicals in nature destroys the soil properties.
  • Radioactive pollution- The radioactive material is difficult to dispose of as they spread radiation which is harmful and dangerous to living organisms.
  • Thermal pollution- It is the kind of pollution in which the quality of water is decreased by changing the temperature of the water. It is mostly done by industries which pour hot water into the freshwater source.

Pollution is rushing day by day. Hence it is very important to make sure we are contributing out little steps to save our mother Earth.

  • Less use of vehicles and more use of eco-friendly vehicles, bicycles or public transport.
  • Planting more trees in our locality and reducing the cutting of trees.
  • Reusing and recycling some products at home which are possible and avoiding garbage production.
  • Avoiding wastage of water and it’s drying into freshwater.
  • Lowering the amount of use of air conditioner and refrigerator as they are the main source of CFC production.

We need to take small steps in our day to day life and should try to make our Earth a better place to live.  Saving our Mother Nature is not just yet of government,  committed,  or conservation groups but it is the duty of each of us.  As rightly said that- ‘Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot their minds cannot change anything’.

Pollution Essay under 400 Words

Pollution is an undesirable state of the natural environment Being contaminated with harmful substances as consequences of human activities. This includes both either accidentally or intentionally. Pollution is related with all the things making our surroundings or environment like air, water, sound, soil, light etc. so basically pollution is a broad term related with different-different types of pollution. There are many types that of pollution, these are:-

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Radioactive pollution
  • Thermal pollution

Pollution is the process of making land, water, air or other parts of the environment dirty and not safe or suitable to use. Pollution is dangerously affecting the earth. Most of the pollution effects are not visible with eyes but affecting at great level.

Air pollution is affecting each and every organism on earth. As the main source of living is oxygen and we inspire it through air, so pollution of air is very dangerously affecting the life of people. Air pollution is responsible for various kinds of diseases especially respiratory diseases. In India the air pollution rate is very high in many cities and the air quality is very poor. The reasons behind air pollution are human activities like over-industrialization, burning fuels or many other hazardous materials, cutting trees etc.

Water pollution is another crisis in our country. As we all know that water is a basic requirement of our life, no one can live without water. But when the water is polluted now how can we fulfill our needs of water. The main cause or water pollution is mixing of waste in water bodies. Only 3% of water left for drinking purpose on earth, rest percent is of non drinkable water.

Soil pollution or land pollution is pollution related with soil. Soil can be stripped of its nutrients by a number of chemical agents and when this happens, it is known as soil pollution. The most Common causes behind this pollution are pesticides, insecticides, agricultural chemicals, industrial waste, and radioactive waste. Soil pollution is a common cause of erosion, as plants and other living organisms play an important role in keeping the soil alive.

Noise pollution is an excessive unpleasant sound which is intolerable. Noise pollution arises from many machineries, factories, etc. which is not good for our health not only for mental health but for physical health too. Noise pollution can cause deafness, severe forms of headache, vertigo, blurred vision, diminished health etc. to avoid these problems the factories should be away from our colonies.

Radioactive pollution is arising from those factories or science laboratories which used to do experiments with radioactive substances. This is very hazardous pollution as it is creating irreversible changes in our environment. In spite of all this the workers doing job in these factories are under more exposure to those radioactive elements. Once radioactive pollution is present in the environment, it can stand for decades, making enormous areas of land unfit for human.

Thermal pollution is the pollution produced by the over production of heat. Many industries release heat energy as a by-product and this thermal energy is somewhere responsible for global warming. These factories producing excessive amount of heat and this causing increased CO2 level in the atmosphere and making the air unhealthy.

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