Save Environment Essay in Easy and Cozy Words for Students

The word environment means trees, plants, green trees, beautiful flowers, creepers that surround us. Human life is safe only in this environment. If this environment were not there, the life of man would be in danger, but today mankind is ignoring its importance and ignoring it. So here I present you with an article of Save Environment Essay.

Due to some of their needs, they are constantly cutting down trees, and plant many times fewer trees than they cut. Due to which various types of problems are coming up. And if this continues, then in the coming days man will have to face many kinds of difficulties. That is why it is our responsibility that we save our environment from destruction.

So let’s now know about the importance of the environment.

Save Environment Essay under 100 Words

Environmental protection began in 1972 from 5 June to 16 June from the World Environment Conference organized by the United Nations General Assembly and the first World Environment Day was observed on 5 June 1973. The day declared by the United Nations is celebrated to bring political social awakening towards the environment globally.

Environment means all the biological functions and processes associated with microbes, insects, insects, animals and trees and plants. Whereas the biological organisms of the environment also have inanimate elements and associated processes, such as mountain, rock, river, wind and climate elements etc. In a general sense, it is connected to all the events that happen in our life and this environment is being directly and indirectly affected by humans.

As a result of which problems like climate change are coming before us. That is why it becomes the duty of every person to protect the environment in order to protect their lifestyle, and we need the most to make the issue of environmental crisis aware to the general public and educated readers.

Save Environment Essay

Essay on Save Environment under 300 Words

It is the moral duty of every human being to protect the environment, it is not only to protect the environment but indirectly it is to protect itself from a great loss. But today we have come so far that instead of living a better life today, we only think about living and such human beings have been degrading their motherland in the name of development of technology for the past several decades. And inadvertently, instead of raising our own standard of living, they have put us on an even more obstructive path. Which is removing the way to live a better life.

That is why it is our duty to conserve the environment, for this we have to use some suggestions under which we can conserve our environment. Such as: – Instead of using your personal vehicle, use public transport only, because vehicles contribute to noise pollution. Use fertilizers sparingly, because when it rains, fertilizers all contaminate the water by flowing into the rivers with rain water.

Do not waste water too much, cars use buckets instead of pipes to wash other vehicles, as the water flowing through the pipe wastes a lot of water while you are working. Save energy by turning off fans and other electrical appliances, this will also help reduce your bills to a great extent. Instead of taking paper bags or plastic bags from the shop, take the canvas bag from home and keep reusing it every time after shopping. To save the environment, such small things help us to move forward a lot.

Save Environment Essay within 500 Words

Environment is the surrounding environment in which living beings live, and work. By an organism itself the environment provides everything necessary for survival. It consists of physical, chemical and natural forces. And which is very important for the survival of living beings. The environment has been and will continue to serve mankind since the beginning of time.

But for the last few decades, nature has been suffering from the hands of mankind, and is paying for it and if the cause of these imbalances is not corrected then no one can stop the doom from coming.

And to seriously consider this problem it is necessary to consider the possibilities that will arise due to environmental degradation.

Save Environment Essay

1) Overpopulation: – Human population in our planet is very high. Which means more population, ie more demand and less supply which creates imbalance, and disturb the mechanism of situation. As the shelter of birds and animals for human existence is being destroyed, it also increases the consumption of fossil fuels and harmful effects in the environment.

2) Deforestation: – Humans are deforesting to make their land space, making roads and houses in it, it is destroying the habitats of animals and birds living in the forests, and the atmosphere level due to deforestation Contaminated air is increasing continuously, which has no trees to absorb, due to which the contaminated air remains in the atmosphere and is formed due to global warming.

3) Pollution: – Due to the increasing population, the problem of waste is also increasing, due to which the problem of air pollution and water pollution is also increasing, the situation of pollution has increased so much that today 2.4 billion people have to drink clean water. Not being found, humans themselves are constantly polluting irreplaceable resources to air, water and soil! It will take millions of years to recuperate, humans are responsible not only for air, water and soil pollution but also for noise, radiation and light pollution.

4) Global warming: – The only reason for this is the increasing level of CO2! And because of this burning of fossil fuels increases. The current temperature of CO2 has exceeded 400 ppm. It has been breaking every record for 400 years! For this reason, the temperature of the earth is increasing, due to which the glaciers are melting and the water level in the sea is gradually increasing.

How to Save Environment
  • By cycling, we can make and use such things again. For example, we can repurpose and use such items as empty liquor bottles, newspapers, paper, cardboard, etc.
  • Things that can harm the environment protection should be used sparingly such as plastic bags etc.
  • We should also iterate, that is, we should buy back the usable goods which we can use back again. Such as glass, paper, and metal items we can use again.

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Conclusion of Environmental Pollution

To protect the environment and always maintain balance, we have to be aware and alert. To avoid harmful pollution such as air, water and noise pollution, we all have to take some measures gradually. So that the beauty of the earth remains.

If we protect our environment then we can have our life in a healthy and clean form. Protecting the environment is a duty of every citizen of the world and for this, every human being in the world must declare it essentially, because there is an environment and so is our life.

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