Valeeswarar Temple

The Valeeswarar Temple is situated in Mylapore, Chennai and is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. In this article we have written a brief about it. Keep on reading the article to know more!

The temple is particularly located at Valeeswarar Koil Street in Mylapore which is Chennai city of Tamilnadu. The temple is not the only one located in that area, but the temple is also surrounded by two other famous temples that is Kolavizhi Amman Temple and Kaaraneeswarar Temple. One of the famous things about this temple is that the sage Gautama worshiped here. Shri Valeeswarar is the lord who is worshiped for his great strength and power. He signifies immense energy that runs the whole universe. It is also believed according to puranas that if you worship in this temple then you might lead a life that is filled with good physical and mental health.

Vaaleeswarar Temple is one of the Saptha Sthana Shiv temple of Mylapore which has been worshiped by the seven great sages. It is the fifth of saptha sthana. The others saptha sthana Shiva temples which are located in Mylapore are:- Sri Kaaraneeswarar Temple, Sri Theerthapaleeswarar Temple, Sri Velleeswarar Temple, Sri Virupaksheeswarar Temple, Sri Valeeswarar Temple, Sri Malleeswarar Temple and Sri Kapaleeshwarar Temple.

There are many stories which are attached to the temple. These stories make this Temple even more unique. The story of Vaali’s penance is one of it. According to the story Vaali performed a penance and hence got a boon from Shiva. According to this blessing he will get 50% of the power and strength whenever he is fighting with someone in battle. This made him undefeatable. This place is called as Sathru Samhara Sthalam where Vaali got all his powers after his penance. This is also related with the name of the deity that is Vaaleeswarar. Along with it, Vaali’s idol is also placed in the temple. Another great story which is associated with this temple is that of sage Govardhan installed the Shiv lingam. It is believed that one of the famous Rishi or the sage of that time known as Govardhana installed the shivalinga original at the temple. The other stories is that of lord Hanuman while he worshipped lord Shiva. It is believed that it was at the temple where lord Hanuman worshipped lord Shiva as he had a cause due to which he was not aware of his own strength and power. He worshiped lord Shri Vaaleeswarar to overcome this.

Every temple in our country is related with a specific blessing and cure. When talking about this temple, it is believed that in this temple people pray to release themselves from the sins they have done and also to gain remedy from the adverse planetary effects caused by Saturn or Shani as known in Hindi. The temple also guides a person towards wisdom and intelligence. It is also said that it becomes very fruitful when women offer bangles to goddess before they wear themselves if they are getting married. Also, prayers from this temple for pregnant women help delivery of their child safely. Along with that they also pray to reduce the effect of the planetary motions affecting the child. Lord Vaaleeswarar is prayed for a satisfied life that is filled with satisfaction and salvation.


Talking about the connectivity of the temple it is specifically located at GN chetty Road, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The temple is opposite to the other famous temples of that area that is Kolavizhi amman temple and Kaaranaeeshwarar Temple. The connectivity of the temple is very easy as the temple is located near Marina air bus stop. The Mylapore bus stop is just 1.5 km away and the railway station is just 1.3 kilometres away. The city of Mylapore is not even away from Chennai city, but it is just a few kilometers away. The place is specifically located between triplicane and teynampet.


The architecture of the temple is very interesting where the size of the temple is fairly mid-sized with giant five-year vimana facing south. When you first enter the temple you will be amazed by the big periphery which is filled with amazing sculptures and art. The first deity you will see is that of lord Ganesha who stands along with his consorts Buddhi and Siddhi. The unique thing about this posture of lord Ganesha is that it is very rare. The next shrine is that of lord Velleeswara which is in the form of Linga facing towards the east direction. Goddess Kamakshi is the next shrine who is again facing towards south. The ideal of lord Vishnu is uniquely placed in trivikram position which is just behind lord Shiva shrine. We can also see the sign of lord Kartikeya as muthukumaraswamy. The Courtyard of the temple has the shrines of lord saneeswara and navagrahas.

If you are about to visit the temples then please note the temple remains open from 6:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. You can also visit the temple in the evening as it remains open from 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

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